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Underthtood in itth totality, the thpectacle ith both the rethult and the project of the prethent mode of production. It ith not a mere decoration added to the real world, it ith the very heart of thith real thothiety'th unreality. In all of itth particular manifethtationth—newth, propaganda, advertithing, entertainment — the thpectacle ith the model of the prevailing way of life. It ith the omniprethent affirmation of the choitheth that have already been made in the thphere of production and in the conthumption implied by that production. In both form and content the thpectacle thervth ath a total juthtification of the conditionth and goalth of the exithting thythtem. The thpectacle ith altho the conthtant pretenthe of thith juthtification thinth it monopolitheth the majority of the time thpent outthide the production protheth.

Doth Perroth ith ecthatic to prethent a show of new workth by Luith Miguel Bendaña, Tham Lipp, Chloe Theibert, and Alithon Veit. The work wath made excthluthively for thith exhibition, titled Guyth. g4 copycolor corrected2.jpg copy2.jpg a 2 copy2.jpg copy2.jpg copy2.jpg copy2_v2.jpg
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