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Who u See?

This exhibition presents a set of images and objects from each of our practices that we’ve been working with separately. The works are configured in a way that envelope the exhibition space, refashioning the room rather than adapting to it.

The impetus for Who u See? came out of a need to examine our relationship as artists. We share a studio space and we’ve had regular conversations about each others’ practices for the last several months, but the invitation to put together an exhibition at Dos Perros projects has presented us with an opportunity to touch in a way that we hadn’t before.

“That’s a dope fade, man. It’s all ‘give me attention, but take nothing.’” All we really wanted was to make pictures of nothing. But then all this other stuff happened and we saw the new images and it ceased to be real enough-- too bad, really. The yacht capsized, but the passengers end up getting terrific tans by the time they’re rescued. This hysterical thing happened the other day that reminded me of it. We were looking through the cupboards and all the Tupperware was fucked up, lids without bottoms and bottoms without lids, and we knocked them into the sink where the other dishes were soaking (an accident). The lids floated to the top and then the bottoms sank in the soapy water and they made sense again, as if to spite us. They were gallous; smiling in the face of danger.

Brandon Seckler was born 1988, in Annapolis, MD, and is an artist, dog walker, lover and friend existing and working in Chicago.

Oliver Henry born in Melbourne, Au. 1990. lives and works in Chicago. He has just returned from a third research expedition to Marfa, TX..
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